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Things I’m looking forward to this summer:

+ Ocean City with Mark.  Seeing my Dad for a whole week. Hangining with Max the pup.

+ I signed up to Volunteer for PAWS which is an oragnization that provides a Trap-Neuter-Release program.  Last Friday over 50 cats were neutered and rabies vaccinated. 

+ Finishing my online class.  I only have a few more lessons to do, a project, and my final!

+ Starting my next online class.  The next one I am going to take is on Investigating Puppy Mills. So exciteddddd.  After that I am taking one on dealing with the emotions of euthanasia which I think will be really beneficial in my current job.

+ Bike riding. The tenant who lived in my apartment before me left their bike there and my landlord said I could either throw it out or keep it.  So I kept it! Yesterday Tara and I rode on the Rail Trail.  We almost made it to Glen Rock before turning around.  I’m excited to ride it more.  I also met so many cat friends.

+ Getting tattooed.  Excited to get my thigh tattooed & also get a PA tattoo on 717 day.

+ Biscuit.  He’s my babe. I always look forward to him.

+ Ocean City with Tara.  I have off almost every weekend in August so I plan on going several times.

+ Gorilla Biscuits.  So stoked I am seeing them for the second year in a row! Don’t care about anyone else playing This is Hardcore.  I have never even been to This is Hardcore even though I’ve had the opportunity to go several times.  I’ve never been interested in anyone playing and I hate fests. But super excited to see Walter. <33

+ Weezer.  I haven’t seen them in 10 years! So excited they’re playing in Baltimore and it’s only $40 or so.  I will sing my little heart out and probably cry.

+ Swim Swim Swimming.  So happy there is a pool five minutes from my house that is less than $5 a day to swim in. 

That’s all for now. I’ll be MIA again for the next few months.

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Just did crossed eyed Claude on Danielle. RIP Claude. (Taken with instagram)

This rules.


Just did crossed eyed Claude on Danielle. RIP Claude. (Taken with instagram)

This rules.

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Gorilla Biscuits - Stand Still

A standard set that I just cannot live up to
It steals my time and wastes what I’ve learned
I’m holding out for a better deal, for something real 

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I can&#8217;t wait to see this.

I can’t wait to see this.

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it’s prevent a litter month!


remember to spay/ neuter your cats if they aren’t already.

as much as i adore cats, there are 93.6 million cats owned by humans, and 60-100 million feral cats!

mind you, that’s 60-100 million lil bebs all alone in the cruel world, hungry and cold :-(


a lot of places do cheap spay and neuters in february.  if you still can’t afford to neuter your pet then you shouldn’t have one.

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